About Victoria

Business & Marketing Strategies for Women Business OwnersThe first born girl from a family of 6, Victoria Cook has always been naturally driven, high achieving, and able to get a lot done. During a 20 year career in Corporate America working for Fortune 100 companies, and escaping many waves of downsizing, she took matters into her own hands and decided to go into business for herself when she discovered the profession of coaching.

As an entrepreneur, speaker, author, working Mom and wife, Victoria is familiar with the pressures of juggling small business ownership. After the birth of her son in 2005, Victoria found she was torn between entrepreneurship and motherhood and left feeling guilty when spending time in either area. Utilizing many of the tools and strategies she shared with her clients, she struck a good balance between the two and found guilt-free success. Combining her corporate experiences of time and project management and strategic planning with her coaching tools, she created and trademarked a 7-step Guilt-Free RESULTS™ system she uses to help clients savor the 3 M’s of Marketing, Motherhood and Money to create the guilt-free success they desire. As a certified Coach and Trainer for the DIY Marketing Center, Victoria also brings a step-by-step marketing process to the work she does with her clients.

Victoria has helped numerous entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad grow their business and create fulfilling lives. When not helping business owners attract great clients she’s a loving wife, guilt-free Mom, scrapbooker, cyclist and maker of wicked chocolate truffles.

Contact Victoria at 847-701-4739, through CenterForGuiltFreeSuccess.com or via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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