Follow Your Plan to Success

Let’s say you’re out walking your dog (no dog? No problem. We’re playing makebelieve here.). You reach the corner and just as you’re about to cross the street, a car pulls alongside you. The driver leans over and rolls down … Continue reading

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Are You Failing to Prioritize Your Tasks?

Even if you successfully get into the habit of limiting yourself to a less than 10 items in your daily to-do list, you’re probably going to run into some obstacles along the way. For one, you may find that the … Continue reading

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Are You Putting Too Many Things on Your To-Do List?

When it comes to lists, you may think that the more, the merrier. Not so! In fact, after about 10 items, your list starts to decrease in productivity. The vast number of to-dos actually discourages you, and you fall into … Continue reading

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Are you ready to bring on the pain?

Most of us spend our lives in avoidance of pain. It’s not surprising; researchers have shown that the drive to escape pain is greater than the drive to experience pleasure. All things being equal, if we’re not hurting bad enough, … Continue reading

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What Not to Do for To-Do List Success

To-do lists are magic. According to experts, the second you write something down, you’re infinitely more likely to actually make it happen than if you rely on your (sometimes faulty) memory. Some of the greatest thinkers – and achievers! – … Continue reading

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Are You Overwhelmed or Overjoyed?

I know you’re already a busy working professional.  Making the time for that next big project or goal in your already brimming schedule is the first hurdle.  If you are like the many other caring and accomplished women with whom … Continue reading

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Avoid Procrastination Through Proper Goal Evaluation

So many people know what they need to do to achieve their goals, but they don’t do it. “I’ll start my diet… tomorrow.” “I’ll make those calls… on Monday.” “I’ll go exercise… later.” What is the problem? It’s simple: Procrastination. … Continue reading

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The Comfort Zone

While speaking earlier this month at the Woodstock SOHO meeting, Kellina Rizzo, co-chair and owner of Heartfelt Wellness, shared the following poem. After some research I find the poem is somewhat popular but no one seems to know the original author. One … Continue reading

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Top 10 articles, tools, and videos for success

Taking my queues from David Letterman, I thought a good way to send out 2011 was with a quick recap of the most popular articles, tools, and video tips I shared last year. Here they are: 10. Taking Care of … Continue reading

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The 5 R’s to Clutter Control

As the year winds down to an end it’s a great time to clear out the old and make way for the New Year, both physically and mentally. When working with my clients, the topic of clutter is often a … Continue reading

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