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30 Day Business Challenge enabled her to positively change the way she conducts business to better serve her clients


Hear what Judy has to say about her experience in the 30 Day Business Challenge and the resulting opportunities she hadn’t even considered!




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Caron MacLane“Victoria,

I loved having the discipline of the specific 30 day focus and having you along the way. I felt like I had a companion with me.

I am happy to say I billed $8,000 during the challenge. This was after two months that felt fairly dry. I am delighted with the results!

My favorite part was often just the first few words of the email with your positive Way-to-go comments.  Though I was familiar with many of the strategies you used, I found the reminders useful. I benefited from our wrap up conversation where I was able to hear your continued reinforcement of my actions for the future.  There was an extra joy of sharing my successes real time!

I recommend this program to anyone who would like a kick start.”


Caron MacLane
Circle Coach & Consultant



“The 30-Day Big Goal Business Challenge was a great tool to help me achieve my goal of completing the first draft of my novel. The Challenge happened to coincide with a particularly busy time when I could have easily gotten derailed by other projects. Victoria’s daily emails helped keep me on task. They affirmed that this personal goal was as important as other things which needed my attention and they were a reminder to spend time each day working on the book. At the end, I was thrilled to be able to say I’d reached my goal and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the challenge to anyone with a big goal or big dream.

Elizabeth Harmon
Crystal Lake, IL



“Great [30 Days to Success Quick Start] call today – I’m looking forward to accomplishing my goal! I love the fact that you gave us a Results Tracker that’s all ready to go and we just need to fill it out vs. staring at a blank sheet of paper and trying to start writing. I like that you’ve broken it down and shown us a path on how to get started so we’re not completely lost from the get go.


With goals that are actually written out, this will truly take me to the next level. Thanks again for all your help!”

Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services, L.L.C.



“I love it when I “find” a website like yours and don’t know how I got there. I just thank God for His provision. He knew I needed your Challenge. I’m so excited about your 30 day challenge. I’m writing my first ebook, so the daily encouragement will be such a help.

Also, I’m not usually a spreadsheet person, but your Goals Planning Template is fabulous. I know it will be a “staple” in my business when I’m working on a new project.”

Joyce Heiser
Light House Christian Writers


“Dear Victoria,

Simply signing up for your free challenge was the motivation I needed. I had a thousand little things to do to make my business go and suddenly I was able to see how to do it.

Since signing up, I have pretty much been working 12 hours a day tackling each item one after the other, knowing almost instinctively the proper order.  My productivity amazes me.

Back to work with thanks,”

Pat M. of Washington


Thank you for this challenge. You have once again reminded me to take better care of myself and put first things first. This has given me the permission I needed to work out a few times a week, get my hair made over and spend more time with my girls.

I have done more research and now know that I need to set a block of time for writing every day. My previous goal was overzealous and I now have a clearer picture of what I will need to do to get my book(s) ready. Thank you for all of your communications and support. I will definitely revisit the 30 Day Challenge messages again. It is good to have you on my team.

Jenny Anderson
McHenry, IL




Thank you so much for the valuable resources you are sharing with all of us! I admire you for sticking to YOUR goal and offering so much encouragement.

I also appreciate the 30 day goals call today! I enjoyed your enthusiasm.. My 30-day tracker is filled in, and I’m ready to go! Thanks for doing this–very generous of you, and just what some of us need to get a kick-start on things we’ve wanted to do for awhile now. As a result of going through the Results Tracker I got more specific with my (very SMART) goal. Now instead of just writing every day for 30 days, my goal is to get my book outline (already in my head) on paper, and write a first draft of the first three chapters by December 12th. The milestones were helpful, and made the whole process seem much more do-able.”

Deborah Barber



“You are very good at what you do–encouraging people to be their best, to actually get started, and then helping them follow through on making their goals become reality. Your 30-day challenge was a great way to begin the action habit, and I thank you for sharing your resources with all of us–especially since there was no guilt attached! As a result of the challenge I made significant progress on my book, and I’m way ahead of where I would have been otherwise.”

Thanks again.
Deborah Barber

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